FFB002 - Beat Me, Take Me - Katrina vs Monika Maple

32 minutes of sexy catfight as one girl wishes to dominate the other in order to take her ultimate prize.

Porn Stars Monika Maple and KatrinaB are lounging around when Monika gets a craving for Katrina's hot bod. Needless to say, Katrina is not in the mood for for Monika's playfulness and refuses to play, so she issues the challenge: "If you can beat me you can take me". This is all that Monika needed! And so, the fight begins where Monika does all she can to pin and trap Katrina so that she may have full access to her hot body. And Katrina, not wanting to lose face in this challenge, does all she can to avoid being 'taken' by her taller opponent.


Playful and in the 'mood', Monika won't take no for an answer from Katrina so wrestles Katrina down so she can lick and suck on her friend's nipples and breasts. This isn't Katrina's idea of fun times. But Monika does! When Katrina manages to pull Monika off her breast, the tables are turned as Katrina goes after Monika's nipples as well. But not for pleasure, only pain! One way or another, Monika will realize Katrina doesn't want to play this way at all.


Back and forth the go, Monika manages to pin Katrina down again and this time has her arms trapped behind her back, leaving her breasts and nipples exposed for Monika to enjoy herself with. Struggle as she may, Katrina has to endure Monika's kisses and nibbles on her perky erect nipples. Once Katrina is able to rip Monika off her breasts, Katrina tries to brutalize Monika in return to make her not want to play this game anymore but to no avail as Monika manages to toss Katrina aside and goes after her sexy breasts and nipples again, tongue swirling around Katrina's perky nipples. Monika still hopes that Katrina will enjoy it sooner or later.


Katrina, fed up with Monika's sex crazed antics decides to put an end to these shenanigans. When Katrina has the dominant position, she gentle caresses Monika's crotch, lulling her in a sense of pleasure, while securing Monika's arms above her head. Once Katrina has Monika 'locked' in, the russian girl turns the caresses to brutal and vicious crotch clawing that leaves her victim howling. This is not what Monika was hoping for when this game started!

And then, while Katrina is sitting on Monika's chest, the end comes near for the taller girl Monika when Katrina slides up to sit on Monika's face! At first Monika thinks she's getting her wishes fulfilled with Katrina sitting on her face, but soon realizes that this but a face sit smother and that she's been fooled into it.

Grinding her hips to push herself down on Monika's face more, Katrina is savouring the moment as Monika's struggling body goes limp. One last little grind of the hips to add injury to insult and Katrina is done!

Domination and control, with gratuitous nipple licking is in order with this video, as is the humiliating face sit KO in the end. Some day, Monika will get her revenge but it won't be today..


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