FFB003 - Show Me The Belly - Jezabel vs Missy & Sydney (Co-production video)

32 minutes of the most vicious and brutal 2 on 1 belly punching action with knockouts, belly and breast punching. Total one sided beat down like you haven't seen in ages!

Sydney suffered a beat down from petite and sexy Jezabel and now she wants payback. And with the help of her friend Missy, Sydney will take Jezabel to within an inch of her life with a severe and brutal belly punching beat down of monstrous proportions. At both 5'10", Missy and Sydney simply overpower poor little 5'3" Jezabel with brutal and vicious punches to the belly and repeated knockouts. The KO's are bad enough as they are but the waking part is as brutal when both girls hammer at Jezabel's battered belly to wake her up.


To make life even more miserable for Jezabel, the two girls tie her feet together and cleave gag their victim with her own socks in order to leave her cruelly exposed to their every whim and viciousness.


When they tire of punching Jezabel's belly to raw pulp, they turn their attention to her tender perky breasts, driving their knuckles deep into the poor girl's chest, thudding sounds marking each hit. Over and over again, poor defenses and helpless Jezabel is beaten down and hammered away at her belly and chest, and repeatedly rendered unconscious with Hand Over Mouth KO, only to be viciously awakened for the whole process to start over again.


Barely conscious of her surroundings, Jezabel sobs and wails at her torment, pleading and begging, crying for them to stop this brutal torture. At the end of her rope, poor Jezabel isn't offered any quarter as Missy and Sydney continue their brutal and savage attack on poor little Jezabel.


Finally, almost mercifully, Missy and Sydney put Jezabel out for the last time. While one is holding Jezabel down for a Hand Over Mouth KO, the other slams rapid brutal punches to their victim's belly to increase to KO effect. Once out, Jezabel is still subjected to more brutal punishement as both Missy and Sydney land more heavy punches to the poor girl's already destroyed belly.

This video will totally amaze you with the level of brutality two savage women could inflict upon such a smaller and utterly defenseless victim.

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