FFB004 - Defiant Survival - Jezabel vs Betty & Sydney

32 minutes of vicious and brutal 2on1 Belly Punching destruction and KO action, cheap shots, breast mauling, humiliation and torture.

Jezabel barely survived her last encounter with Sydney and Missy (FFB003) when she suddenly finds herself trapped between two monster girls, this time sadistic Betty joins Sydney for the fun. But Jezabel, knowing nothing she says or do will lessen the punishment to come, decides to fight back and be defiant, to go down kicking and screaming no matter what the outcome. And she knows it's not going to be pretty.


Trapped between Sydney and Betty, Jezabel is brutally hammered in the belly, causing her to scream out in pain. But due to noise complaints from the neighbors after the last beat down she suffered here, Sydney and Betty will try to keep the little girl quiet as to not be disturbed by someone complaining about the noise. So every time Jezabel howls and screams from the torture inflicted upon her by her antagonist, she's almost always put out with a Hand Over Mouth KO, and severely beaten in the process. Cruel game these two girls play. They beat Jezabel until she screams in pain and then beat her for having made the noise! This game is played out over and over throughout the beat down. This is uncalled for sadistic cruelty.


Jezabel's only defense is to try and yank her attackers' hair to get them off of her, at times offering her breathing room but most times causing her assailants more anger which results in a more vicious and furious beat down to the belly, crotch and chest. Both Sydney and Betty display a heightened level of cruelty never seen from them in a long time. But poor Jezabel is seeing it all, and suffering it all.


Slowly but surely, Jezabel is beaten to a pulp, weakened and drunk with pain. Her pain wracked body jerks violently as Sydney and Betty's fists crash into the poor girl's broken body, every muscle and fibre screaming for mercy. How much more brutality can this little girl endure?!

This video will once again appeal to the 2on1, one sided, belly punching beat down fans. A most for your collection.

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