FFB005 - Tickle Me Not - Sydney & Missy vs Milena

34 minutes of Tickle Fight theme with a vicious twist..

Tall sexy Missy has a secret.. She LOVES being tickled and will subject herself to being tied up and tickled. Talk about having to trust the one who tickles you, in this case Sydney. However, when left unattended for a few minutes, Missy suffers horribly as Milena takes advantage of a good situation where she can inflict as much pain and suffering on her already bound victim. When Sydney returns, she's not impressed to see what's happening and sets Milena up for a vicious beat down with the still bound Missy's help. Now this is a tickle fight!


Gently tickling her friend Missy, Sydney caresses her neck, bringing chills and squeals of giggles to the red head. This is what Missy truly enjoys, being gently tickled while bound.. and especially by someone she really trusts as this is a nastily cruel and vulnerable position to be in.. But Sydney is behaving and gives Missy a couple of love taps to the belly to bring her back into focus..


Their fun is interrupted when Milena barges in to tell Sydney she's got a call. Missy, left alone on the bed asks Milena is she'd continue tickling her.. But Milena, being much smaller, can't pass up this golden opportunity to abuse her taller opponent and proceeds to punish and brutalize her helpless victim.


Drilling fists into Missy's belly, mauling her tender breasts, this is not what Missy had in mind when she let herself be tied up. Milena brings Missy to the breaking point with a few face sits, punch's and hair yanking.


Then, all of a sudden Sydney returns and she's extremely pissed at finding out that Milena took advantage of helpless Missy! Now it's payback time. Sydney grabs her smaller opponent, shoves her down so that Missy can trap Milena with her long legs and now the little girl finds out what it means to be on the receiving end of a vicious beat down. Revenge sucks!!


Love a good tickle fight? Love a good one sided beat down? Better yet, love a good 2 on 1 beat down? Well FFB005 will certainly be your video of choice as these girls give it their all and then some. ouch!


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