FFB007 - Come One, Come All - Monika Maple vs Kinky Orabella

38 Minutes of sex fighting with one hell of a climatic finish!

Hot and sexy Monika Maple and Kinky Orabella confess to each other how turned on they get when catfighting, how close to orgasm they are when fighting and how much effort it takes to hold back the urges to let loose! Then Monika strike a wage with Orabella to see who can who come to most, best 2 out of 3 for a cash prize. Well, Orabella is no chicken and she's not going to pass up easy money.. but how easy is it going to be?! Someone is bound for a climactic ending!


Already sporting fresh wounds from previous battles, Monika and Orabella entwine themselves to each other, pressing against each other, grinding away, trying to pin the other down to allow her to get access to her pussy to try and make her come first before the tables are turned. But the dangers here is that once you're caught in the other girl's attempts to make you come, you almost feel the want to succumb voluntarily to the hot sexy passion but wait, there's big bucks at stake here and you have to throw her off so you can go on the offensive.


So back and forth we see these two over sexed gorgeous ladies try and force the other to abandon all resistance and submit to the joyful pleasures of that all powerful and releasing orgasm.. without yourself getting caught in the same trap. The cash prize, you must always keep your mind on the cash prize.. but those breasts, in your face, her pussy in your hand, her hand on your pussy.. the temptation to let her have her way with you is overwhelming.. but no.. the prize, the prize! Deep down inside, each woman wants to let herself be taken but not at the expernse of the big price.


And eventually, one of them is pinned and loses the battle not to come and thereby loosing one round. She had better step up her game.. In a weakened state as she's in, the first victim is even now more highly susceptible to any fondling or caresses and kisses by her opponent.. so she must diligently avoid being taken again and force the issue onto her opponent. And yes, finally, the other sex crazed hell cat is made to abandon her resolve as she comes for her opponent. The score is now tie.. the next woman to come loses the match and her opponent declared the victor and much richer.


Both women are highly sexually aroused and ready to come once again, and they each know it. the slightest provocation and wham, off she goes. The game is now stepped up with both women more aggressive, physically and sexually, wanting to force the other to come and win the prize.. Though each woman has already lost a round, it's the next round that counts.. frantically trying guile her opponent to coming first, the pressure builds, the temperature rises and finally, after such a long hard fought battle it comes to a completely unexpected climatic ending leaving the loser spent, exhausted and totally satisfied..


FFB007 is going to leave you breathless. Monika and Orabella went all out on this video to prove who can make who come first the most. I can safely say the viewers are by all means the ultimate winners in this video as these two sexy women lay it all out on the line..

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