FFB008 - FACE SIT SQUASH - featuring Dani vs Ryleigh

32 minutes of some impressive and viciously brutal face sitting beat downs..

Lightweight Ryleigh agreed to take on heavyweight Dani for a match on the bed top and the naive young lady thought that Dani's size would make her slow and easy to take down for the win.. But what Ryleigh didn't know is that Dani is a renown face sitter.. the vicious kind.. who typically only takes out her frustrations on male victims. We asked Dani to be gentle with Ryleigh but as you'll see, Ryleigh is the author of her own demise as she insults Dani and then has to suffer the repeated and constant humiliation of being face by one of the best and being breast and foot smothered to add salt to her wounds. Poor Ryleigh never saw it coming and Dani wasn't going to let her escape..

We didn't know it at the time but Dani is quite well known by her male victims for how brutal she is with her face sitting. This young lady seldom smiles and stone cold hearted when it comes to brutalizing her victims. So when Ryleigh starts the match with a swift face slap, she's answered back by a more vicious slap and the rest is history. Dani doesn't like being insulted and she's more than happy to show her opponents the error of their ways. Though she's a large lady, Dani is rather agile for her size as she climbs up over her victim's face with her ample assets to smother them out.


Dani shows herself to be a great wrestler who knows how to use her massive breasts as weapons, and she ain't afraid to use them as Ryleigh soon finds out. Smothered and sat on, poor Ryleigh can barely catch her breath as she desperately tries to fend off her attacker. Ryleigh's earlier taunts at Dani surely didn't earn her any sympathy points as the brutal red head trashes her smaller victim, smother her out with her face sitting prowess. If she's viciously brutal with her male victims, she's certainly not showing Ryleigh any different treatment.


Poor Ryleigh is barely able to respond to what ever torture Dani decides to impose on the smaller girl. Massive breasts in the face suffocate the helpless girl as she feebly flails away trying to desperately survive the onslaught. Dani, always in control and in wonderment as to why this puny little girl would ever dare insult her to start with, keeps pressing her ass into Ryleigh's face, riding her face with humiliating domination and supremacy.


It all comes to a mercifully crashing end for Ryleigh as Dani sits her full weight on her victim's face in a last act of domination, inflicting a humiliating and finally finish to the poor girl who didn't take Dani seriously in the begriming of this match.. Some lessons are hard learned, others are painfully hard learned.. hopefully one Ryleigh won't soon forget!!

For all you face sitting fans, you one sided beatdown squash fans, this video is for you! You'll not want to miss it.

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