FFB009 - PINNED BEAT DOWN - featuring Milena & Jezabel vs Monika Maple

34 minutes of sadistic and vicious 2 on 1 beatdown featuring breast & crotch mauling, belly punching and Hand over mouth smothering to a humiliating KO.

Known for her high pain threshold, Monika Maple didn't take either of her two tiny opponents seriously enough when she agreed to do this video. Though the petite Milena and Jezabel were gentle enough with Monika in the beginning of the video, they soon got annoyed with their taller opponent's ability to laugh at their attacks. It didn't take long before Monika started to realize she's in for more than just a fun little tumble with two little girls.. These evil bitches mean to do Monika harm.. lots of it. Slapping her breasts, biting, mauling, deep punches to the belly, cheap shots to the crotch, Milena and Jezabel spare no blows to inflict injury to their trapped victim. But its when they start doing their Hands over Mouth KOs on Monika that the game turns quite serious, and Monika is in dire survival mode. All Milena and Jezabel want now is to brutalize and humiliate their helpless opponent.


The game starts off easily enough where Milena and Jezabel gentle punch their victim to see how much she could take but when it soon became apparent that Monika is the type who enjoys a little pain in her play time, the two petite girls step up their game and try as hard as possble to bring Monika to scream in pain.


Desperate to get away, poor Monika is trapped and escape isn't in her future by a long shot. Taking brutal shots to her breasts and belly, cheap shots to her crotch, Monika is brought to the breaking point of where her pain threshold is met. But when she's finally KO'd by the two little girls, the fun isn't over by a long shot. Insulted that Monika didn't give them much respect in the beginning, Milena and Jezabel pull off Monika's underwear and tie her ankles up as a reminder of what happened, when she wakes up.


Methodically beating down their victim, Milena and Jezabel make this one hot 2 on1 beat down video where two gorgeous petite ladies beat the hell out of their much taller opponent.. When you're pinned on top of the bed, height doesn't factor into it anymore, especially with these two hell cats beating the hell out of you.

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